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XXVIII Escuela de Salud Pública de Menorca
Del 18 al 27 de septiembre de 2017
Llatzeret de Maó (Menorca)
Institut Menorquí d'Estudis - Camí des Castell, 28 - 07702 Maó (Menorca) - Tel. 971 351500 -

Challenges of systematic reviews in Public Health (complex) interventions and use of their evidence in ‘real life’ decision-making (CURSO COMPLETO)

Dr. Antonio Rojas García
Dr. Dylan Kneale

Entidades colaboradoras:
University College London
Institute of Epidemiology & Health. Department of Applied Health Research Institute of Education, Eppi-Centre
United Kingdom


Del 19 al 21 de septiembre, de 9.30 a 14.30 h.

A primary concern of health care researchers is to provide evidence that upports the decision-making processes in policy and practice. However, robust evidence sources are not always selected in Public health decision-making, and decision-makers may be supported by other sources of knowledge rather than research evidence. Therefore, we will go through these topics along the course in order to facilitate discussion around the evidence produced by systematic reviews and its use in decision-making

Participants are expected to gain knowledge and awareness of the following:

1. The process of conducting systematic reviews
1.1. The general methods to conduct a systematic review
1.2. The utility of the methodological quality assessment

2. A range of methods to synthesise research evidence
2.1. A range of tools to synthesise quantitative and quantitative information

3. How to provide a better response to ‘real life’ problems in Public Health
3.1. Different approaches to interpret the results
3.2. Utility of the research evidence in decision making processes

Day 1: Introduction and methods

1. Introduction
1.1. Systematic reviews in general and in Public Health

2. Methods
2.1. PICO Model / drafting inclusion criteria
2.2. Search strategies and databases
2.3. Risk of bias / Methodological quality assessment
2.4. Useful software

Day 2: Synthesis of the evidence in Public Health

3. Quantitative synthesis
3.1. What is an effect size?
3.2. Introduction to Meta-analysis
3.3. Heterogeneity
3.4. Subgroup Meta-analysis and Meta-regression

4. Qualitative synthesis
4.1. Realist vs Idealist
4.2. Narrative
4.3. Thematic synthesis

Day 3: Interpretation of results and utility of research evidence in ‘real life’ decision-making

5. Complex interventions in Public Health
5.1. Whole intervention vs components of intervention
5.2. Merging results at different levels: Quantitative, Qualitative and Economic

6. Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA)
6.1. Joint interpretation of qualitative and quantitative results

7. Fieldwork example: Experience conducting qualitative research in local authorities across London on the use of research evidence in Public Health in public health decisionmaking

Profesionales a los que se dirige principalmente:
A wide range of health professionals and students interested in conducting systematic reviews, getting a better understanding of the evidence that they produce and its use in Public Health decision-making settings


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