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XXIX Escuela de Salud Pública de Menorca
Del 17 al 26 de septiembre de 2018
Llatzeret de Maó (Menorca)
Institut Menorquí d'Estudis - Camí des Castell, 28 - 07702 Maó (Menorca) - Tel. 971 351500 -

CURSO MAGISTRAL: Dissemination & Implementation Research

Maria E. Fernandez, MA, PhD, Professor of Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Texas, School of Public Health

Curso coorganizado con la Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP)


Del lunes 17 al jueves 20, de 9.30 a 14.30 h.


Dissemination and implementation (D&I) research seeks to bridge the gap between health sciences research, everyday practice and population health by building a knowledge base about how health information, interventions, and new clinical practices and policies are communicated and implemented in public health and health care settings. It is focused on understanding and accelerating the integration of research findings and research-based innovations into everyday practice settings in order to improve health.


Participants will learn what the field of D&I is (and is not), why it is important, what it is trying to achieve, and how it is relevant to their projects. They will learn about the major components of a D&I study, D&I theories, models and frameworks, design considerations, and tips on how to write a winning D&I proposal. Participants will also learn how to tailor their own research to better enhance its value for dissemination and implementation and how the unique methods and approaches can be applied to D&I questions to advance D&I science. Finally, participants will work on developing a specific aims page they can use to apply for funding opportunities in D&I research, as well as the key components of a successful grant application.


Day 1

9.30-10.00 h. Introductions and Research Interests Discussion

10.00-10.45 h. Introduction to Implementation Science

10.45-11.00 h. Break

11.00-11.45 h. Examples of Implementation Research studies

11.45-12.30 h. Implementation Strategies

Recommended Readings:
Powell BJ, McMillen JC, Proctor EK, et al. (2011). A compilation of strategies for implementing clinical innovations in health and mental health. Med Care Res Rev. 2011;69:123-157.

Powell, Byron J., et al. "A refined compilation of implementation strategies: results from the Expert Recommendations for Implementing Change (ERIC) project." Implementation Science 10.1 (2015): 21.

12.30-1.30h. Implementation Outcomes

Proctor, et al. Outcomes for implementation research: Conceptual distinctions, measurement challenges, and research agenda. Adm Policy Ment Health. 2011, 38(2).

Bauer M, Damschroder L, Hagedorn H, Smith J, Kilbourne A. An introduction to implementation science for the non-specialist. BMC Psychology. 2015;3(32):1-12.

Proctor EK, Powell BJ, McMillen CJ. Implementation strategies: recommendations for specifying and reporting. Imp Sci. 2013;8(139).

1.30-2.00 h. Questions and Wrap up

Day 2

9.30-10.00 h. Implementation Outcomes – Research Questions in Implementation Science

10.00-10.30 h. Small Group Work: Brainstorming Implementation Science Research Questions

10.30-10.45 h. Break

10.45-11.45 h. Theories, Frameworks, and Models

Recommended Readings:
Tabak RG, Khoong EC, Chambers DA, Brownson RC. Bridging research and practice: Models for dissemination and implementation research. American Journal of Preventive Medicine.2012;43(3):337-50.

Nilsen P. Making sense of implementation theories, models and frameworks. Implementation Science. 2015;10:53.


Chambers D. Guiding theory for dissemination and implementation research. In Beidas RS & Kendall PC, ed. Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. New York, NY:Oxford University Press; 2014.

Damschroder LJ, Aron DC, Keith RE, Kirsh SR, Alexander JA, Lowery JC. Fostering implementation of health services research findings into practice: A consolidated framework for advancing implementation science. Imp Sci. 2009;4:50. doi:10.1186/1748-5908-4-50

11.45-12.30 h. Grant-writing and D&I: Research Questions and Specific Aims

Recommended Readings:
Proctor EK, et al. Writing implementation research grant proposals: ten key ingredients. Implement Sci. 2012;7:96

Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (R01). National Institute of Health Web Site.

12.30-1.30 h. Small group work: Critiquing Specific Aims

1.30-2.00 h. Questions and Wrap up

Day 3

9.30-11.00 h. Study Designs and Methods

Recommended Readings:
Curran GM, et al. Effectiveness-implementation hybrid designs: combining elements of clinical effectiveness and implementation research to enhance public health impact. Med Care. 2012;50(3):217-26

Stetler CB, et al. The role of formative evaluation in implementation research and the QUERI experience. J Gen Intern Med. 2006;21 Suppl 2:S1.

11.00-11.15 h. Break

11.15-12.15 h. Measurements and Evaluation Issues

Recommended Readings:
Chaudoir et al. Measuring factors affecting implementation of health innovations: A systematic review of structural, organizational, provider, patient and innovation level measures. Impl Sci, 2013, 8(22).

Oakley A, et al. Process evaluation in randomised controlled trials of complex interventions. BMJ. 2006;332(7538):413

Lewis C, Fischer S, Weiner B, Stanick C, Kim M, Martinez R. Outcomes for implementation science: an enhanced systematic review of instruments using evidence-based rating criteria. Imp Sci, 2015.

12.15-1.00 h. Measurement Opportunities and Challenges

1.00-2.00 h. Resources for Implementation Science Measures

2.00-3.00 h. Examples of Implementation Research

Day 4

9.30-11.00 h. Designing for D&I

Schoenwald S, Chapman J, Garland A. Capturing fidelity in dissemination and implementation science. In Beidas RS & Kendall PC, ed. Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. New York, NY:Oxford University Press;2014.

Stirman SW, Miller C, Toder K, Calloway A. Development of a framework and coding system for modifications and adaptations of evidence-based interventions. Imp Sci. 2013;8(65).

11.00-11.15 h. Break

11.15-12.15 h. Interactive Exercise: Identifying Adoption and Implementation Behaviors and Determinants

12.15-1.00 h. Adaptation, Scale-up, Spread and sustainability

Recommended Readings:
Aarons G, Green A, Willging C. Mixed method study of a conceptual model of evidence-based intervention sustainment across multiple public-sector service settings. Imp Sci. 2014;9(183).

Edwards N, Barker P. The importance of context in implementation research. J Acq Immun Def Synd. 2014;67:S157-S162.

Jacobs JA, Duggan K, Erwin P, et al. Capacity building for evidence-based decision making in local health departments: scaling up an effective training approach. Imp Sci. 2014; 9:124.

1.00-1.30 h. Interactive Exercise: Identifying needed adaptations

1.30-2.30 h. Questions and Answers and Wrap up

Profesionales a los que se dirige principalmente:

This workshop is appropriate for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty interested in implementation science. Knowledge of basic epidemiological and research methods is required. Didactic presentations, small-group work, and expert consultations will facilitate the learning process.

130 euros

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